Diana Cheren Nygren | Portrait Commissions

portrait commissions

I gladly welcome portrait commissions.  Photographs generally follow the format of what I call "the Faces Project" as shown below - fun, expressive images shot under natural light against a simple blue background.  If you wish, you can request other styles of portraits.  See additional portraiture gallery at the bottom of the page.  

  • a Faces Project style photoshoot generally lasts roughly 30 minutes per individual being photographed
  • pricing for a single family member is $250 
  • for multiple family members, a shoot will cost $200 per person
  • a session of multiple family members (or friends) can include both individual portraits and any configuration of group portraits
  • clients will have password protected access to an online gallery of images from their session
  • session pricing includes one 11 x14 professional quality print chosen by the client from the online gallery
  • session pricing for multiple family members or friends includes one 11x14 professional quality print per person
  • additional prints can be purchased, please request a price list


alternative portrait styles