“Home” - the word carries many connotations, of comfort, constancy, familiarity. Perhaps home evokes a sense of oneself or of being free to be oneself. For the past year I have been photographing the sky from a back window in my own home. The way that light transforms into color, the shapes and patterns that clouds make and the ways they move, constantly amaze me. No matter how much I study or read, I can’t really understand how at sunset, bent rays and clouds can look like fire. I take these pictures both to fix and incredible moment, to prove it’s real, to share it, from frustration and wonder at not understanding it. In that way, these images capture a curious contradiction implicit in “home”. The are, literally, my view from that spot of ultimate familiarity. But they also contain dreams, emotions, represented but not understood. They are both intimate, and far away and unknowable. They are my view, and yet, they are open to being read in an infinite number of ways by whoever views them.