The weather on Cape Cod

is almost always dramatic, the Atlantic Ocean far from the placid and pristine waters of the Mediterranean.  New England weather is unpredictable. There is often a possible storm just licking at the horizon. And the skies possess a transcendental beauty.  At Cold Storage Beach, I found two very different skies. In the evening, the sky forcefully announced its distinctness from the water and land below.  Sun and clouds battled for supremacy. And yet, the next morning, they had both given in and the whole world, sky and sea, dissolved into an all encompassing mist of muddy grays and browns.   Far from the fabulous colors of umbrellas and towels, turquoise waters and yellow sand this might be my favorite beach. It is lonely, tinged with sadness. Everything seems to dissolve and evaporate.  In its wake, it leaves pure calm, both beginning and end, disappearing and full of possibility.
The day I was shooting at the Head of the Meadow beach, the water and sky seemed to collapse into each other.  Through the camera lens, they provided a single backdrop of gray, blending seamlessly into each other. The horizon simply disappeared.  So that bathers simply floated, their bodies truncated in odd places. I particularly loved the beautiful way the paddle boarders cut silently through the water.  And yet, for all of the grey sky and grey water, the strong sun cast distinct shadows and reflected on the bodies of the beach-goers, abstracting them into plays of light and dark.